HtmlUnit Javascript Engine – Do you need it?

The Rhino engine used by HtmlUnit is great but can be slow. If you are worried about performance you can ask yourself whether you really need it. You can always enable it if you need it.

These are the settings I am currently using which is quick enough for me a the moment.

public class HtmlUnitWebClient extends WebClient {

    public HtmlUnitWebClient() {

super.setIncorrectnessListener(new IncorrectnessListenerImpl() {
public void notify(String arg0, Object arg1) {
//do nothing

final SilentCssErrorHandler eh = new SilentCssErrorHandler();
setCookieManager(new CookieManager() {
protected int getPort(final URL url) {
final int r = super.getPort(url);
return r != -1 ? r : 80;



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